Laszlo Bock Headshot

One of my favorite aspects of a conference like this is learning about great leaders I’ve never heard of. Today was a day full of great leaders, many of whom were new to me. And so…Laszlo Bock.

– I have had 14 or 15 jobs, the common denominator: there was a gap between the values the leaders talked about and the values they practiced. This led me into HR.

Human Resources = ‘everyone you works with thinks they know your job better than you.  Lol!

My job at Google: Find the best people, grow them as fast as possible, then keep them.

– We spend more time working than we do anything else in our life, so let’s make our work life meaningful.

– ‘Treat your people right and they will do great things for you.’

Some Work Rules:

  1. Give your work meaning. Have a mission that matters. Remind and reconnect people to the mission. Only about 1/3 of the team intrinsically feel connected to the mission every day.ask people, ‘how has your work changed you?’ Connect your work to meaningful impact on real human beings. Once per month for 5 minutes, share life change stories. Figure out why you are doing the work you are doing. Ask people on your team, ‘how come are you doing this?’ Ignore the dumb answers and share the great ones. Have the beficiaries of what you do come in and share how your work has impacted them.
  2. All people, except lex Luther, are inherently good. Performance is driven by having a goal. Make your goal known. Everyone publishes their goals for everyone else to see. As your organization grows, fix the easy beurocrayic problems. Choose to trust people to do the right thing, so shame knowledge with people so they and others right thing with the information you give them. The people doin the actual work are the best equipped to know best how to do it. Give people more information and more freedom in their work and you get a better outcome. Leaders: give your people more freedom than they are comfortable with. Whatever happened to suggestion boxes? Remember 20 yrs ago when they were a big deal?
  3. Recruiting and hiring: do interviews matter? What is our ability to assess people before we hire them? Social experiment: college sophomores were able to make the same assessment as psychologists when looking at interview tapes. Rules of hiring: don’t let the people who are interview make the hiring decision. Hire someone who is better than me.

Laszlo had the best slides and a wonderful playfulness to his presentation. He made me want to dig in more and I’ll be buying the book. Also, even though I’m a red blooded man, I’m not gonna lie, the dude has dreamy blue eyes.