My immediate impression: she’s a storytelling genius!

– “My husband looked at the ceiling, his eyes misted up and he said, ‘thank you Jesus’ and we’re Jewish.’

– We have lost the art of the pause. A “Pause” is “time with no assignment.” Seriously. Can we ever hear this enough? The need to slow down, breathe, prioritize etc? I think its one of the most vital messages of the modern age.

– The opposite of pause : 100% exertion and zero percentage reflection.

– We are too busy to become less busy. We don’t examine the costs of busyness.

– The addled mind cannot generate innovative fresh ideas.

– White space: strategic pause taken between activities. 3 seconds or half an hour.

– White space is the oxygen that allows the rest of your work to catch fire.

If Laszlo has the eyes, Juliet is bringing legit eyebrows.

Her dad developed candid camera. ‘Candid camera was a bit like Punkd when taste was in style.’

White space is not: meditation, mind wandering, mindfulness.

White space is the space for your mind to think the unthunk thought.

We must decrapify our work space

Thieves of productivity: drive, excellence, information, activity. These are all necessary, but taken to an extreme they become corrupted.

Drive becomes overdrive. Excellence becomes perfection. Information becomes over information. Activity becomes frenzy.

The thieves are linked to our personalities.

Every thief has a value and each one has a fault, which one(s) carry you away too much?

‘Beware the lollipop of mediocrity. Lick it once and you suck forever.’ Brian Wilson.

Mind wandering: your mind slips away without your permission.

Holy smokes, she is a maestro story teller, public speaker.

Install mental filters:

Defeat Thieves with questions:

  1. is there anything I can let go of – drive
  2. Where is good enough good enough – excellence
  3. What do I truly need to know – information
  4. What deserves my attention – activity

Email is the Voldemort of busy work.

Email was designed to be asyncronynous, but some caffeinated hotshot decided to turn email into a competitive sport. And it has become ping pong. It is disastrous for our deeper, thoughtful work.

Email codes:

NYR: need your response

NYRT today

NYRQ quick

NYRNBD next business day

In the home life:

When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago, when is the second best time? Today.

White space in your family life. Always say yes to family and ‘later’ to work.

Juliet was phenomenal both in content and presentation.