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Show Notes: Luke Norsworthy

One chronic source of anxiety for a leader is doubt: doubt in yourself or doubt in God. Who is to say which is the worse form? My vote goes to doubt in God.

When a leader has to lead a community of faith while her or his own faith is either shifting or crumbling away, it can add significant anxiety to an already pressured role.

Show Notes: Nancy Ortberg

Nancy Ortberg is such a wonderful thinker and leader. She brings a forged wisdom to her leadership and a no nonsense approach. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with her. Nancy's leadership book is here. (note, a small amount of each purchase goes toward...

Phantom Strikes

One source of leadership anxiety is a phantom strike. This is anytime one person takes a shot at you, but they are carrying a secret hidden army with them. It is any variation of “me and a bunch of people who aren’t here and who I won’t name all think there is something wrong with you.” 

Show Notes: Glenn Packiam

  Glenn Packiam is a fascinating person. He began his public ministry as leader of Desperation band at New Life Church and helped form and lead New Life's School of Worship. After a couple of tragic, public, acute challenges at New Life, Glenn explored the...

Show Notes: Makoto Fujimura

  Makoto Fujimura is both a world renowned contemporary fine artist in the Nihonga tradition and he is also a craftsman with words, authoring Silence and Beauty and Culture Care. You can follow Makoto on his own website here. Makoto covers a wide range of topics. He...

Show Notes: Marshall Shelley

Marshall Shelley is Director of Doctor Of Ministry at Denver Seminary.He previously served at Christianity Today and Leadership Journal and brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to any leadership discussion. Marshall was kind enough to share a common source of...

Show Notes: Kay Warren

Kay Warren is a force of nature and a tragic family circumstance has forged her to be both a powerful pastoral presence and also highly empathic. I was struck by just how much of her own humanity Kay brings to everything. It was an honor to visit with her. Kay...

Middle School Parent Survival Week 1

This past Thursday we kicked off our Middle School Parent Survival meeting and a wonderful group of parents came to listen and share. While we all agreed that middle school can be some of the best years of parenting, they can also come with unique challenges. We focused on tools to manage anxiety and reactivity. Here are a few:


This past Thursday and Sunday, Discovery held a commissioning service and many of our folks stood to commit to carrying the grace and mercy of God to others. 

For those who stood, here are some next steps that might help you:

Ties and Opportunity

Ties mean opportunity for me - something I took for granted for most of my life and probably still do. For the first 3.5 years after high school, I worked in various sales jobs to save money for Bible College and I wore a suit and tie every day. Job #1: Was working...

Power, Money, Sex and Dressember

In 2004, one of my ministry volunteers gave me the book, Disposable People by Kevin Bales which made the stunning claim that our modern world has more slaves today than any period of human history. 25 million+ humans enslaved by other humans. I couldn't believe it, I...