The multi hat pastor

2011:  I’m 5 1/2 years into leading a local church.

I (mostly) love it 🙂

In the past 17 years, I’ve been a chaplain in a level 1 trauma hospital, served at a ranch for teens in trouble,  worked in crisis intervention in a highly under resourced city.

But nothing has been as difficult as my role as lead pastor

I’ve looked around for resources that mostly come in the form of conferences and podcasts.  I hear those guys (who, for the record, have excellent teaching), but I wish I could get them in a room to ask a bunch of questions.

I’m at a season where I need more dialogue, more tools, less inspiration from a successful guy at a mega church.

I say that without a hint of bitterness or cynicism.  I served on staff at a mega church for 4 1/2 years.  It was overall an excellent experience and I learned a lot.

But its so much different now I’m serving a smaller church.  (for example, I don’t have a catering department anymore!)  The heart is the same, the passion to reach and disciple people is the same. But the level of resource is different.  Night and day different.

And I’ve found that there aren’t many resources for guys like me:  the multi hat pastor of a smaller church.

I hope this blog can be a community for lead pastors who wear many hats, love their church, feel stretched thin and are short on resources and encouragement.

I want to post some thoughts, share some resources and tools, but also I sure hope to learn from any contributors who find themselves in the same boat.   If this speaks to you, I hope you’ll join in on the conversation.  Thanks for taking the time to read

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