Top 5 challenges of a MHP

I polled 12 local MHPs to hear of their top challenges and I’d sure love to hear yours.

We listed our challenges so we could meet frequently to tackle them together – receive some outside input and then discuss our way to some concrete solutions.

I’ve noticed that most guys in smaller churches are sharp, they’re just stretched thin and really benefit from collective wisdom.  So here are our identified top challenges.  What are yours?

1) Spiritual rhythm. Spiritual practices: approach and freqency.  Sabbaths, retreats, daily practices etc.  Soul health/refreshment type conversation based on spiritual refreshment and recreation.

2) Working through discouragement when people don’t like you, get mad at you, or leave your church.  Or when numbers and momentum seem to be going in the wrong direction.

3) Effectively dealing with consumer culture. How do we disciple people from thinking they are the customer of a church to seeing God as the customer?

4) Prioritize time to determine the most important things that only I can do, in order to spur our church on to be the most effective we could possibly be for Christ?

5) In a larger church I worked at, the systems kept momentum of ministry going, but in this church it is all people that provide momentum. And if I were honest, it feels like most momentum is up to me.  In the larger church we had strong systems and inserted people into them.  In this church, it feels like it is 100% people who keep momentum going and many folks burn out over time. and we lose much momentum when people transition.

6) The conflicting roles of shepherd, taskmaster and friend. I am spiritual counsel, I am whip cracker to some volunteers and friends with many in my church.  Each of these roles infect the other: how do we effectively deal with this?

how about you?  what are your challenges?  I’d love to hear feedback on these or others.


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