Spiritual Rhythm – Sabbath Keeping

At our first local MHP gathering, we discussed spiritual health and soul filling practices for the lead pastor.  I asked Kevin Colon, pastor of Cool River Church in Superior, CO to share his spiritual practices calendar.  He talked extensively about his weekly Sabbath – Sunday night until Monday night and what struck me was not that he took a Sabbath, but how much effort and planning he put into his sabbath.

In short, he worked hard on his day off.

By that I mean, he planned in advance to make sure he could really Sabbath.  Aside from the obvious “no email, no phone” approach, Kevin and his wife had figured out what refreshed them:  practices, places and people and then they booked the 24 hours to gain that refreshment.

I take a Sabbath, but have often found myself a bit aimless and distracted on my Sabbaths.  Listening to Kevin was a needed reminder of how much I must work to really rest.  Paradoxical, but true.

Do you Sabbath?  When and what do you do or NOT do to gain spiritual refreshment?

6 Replies to “Spiritual Rhythm – Sabbath Keeping”

  1. I know I am an old-timer, but I have worn all the hats in the past, and at first reading this doesn’t seem to be much of a sabbath. That is a lot of work.
    To me sabbath is not about acheiving, but just being. My 2-cents worth.


  2. Johnny,

    its a fair observation for sure. I’ve noticed if I don’t plan ahead, I end up more aimless than rested, if that makes sense, but I can sure see how one could overdo the planning part.

    BTW, have you read Peterson’s new memoir “The Pastor?” Right up your alley, I think


  3. The more I serve as a lead pastor, the more aware I’m becoming of why the sabbath is so important to effectiveness and longevity in ministry. Each Monday is my sabbath. Its my off day from the office, and typically a slower homeschooling day for my wife and four young ones. Great day for devotional reading, walks & talks, maybe a special meal, and enjoyment of the simple things the Lord has given me. By the time I engage my ‘cave day’ (Tuesday sermon research) my mind is clear, focused, relaxed and more receptive to creative thinking. Thanks Steve for your wonderful blog and the opportunity to weigh-in on such an important subject!


  4. Always great to hear from you Steve – would love your thoughts anytime on this overall topic (MHP) as I think you’d have a lot to say on the topic


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