Blue Collar or White Collar?

I’ve noticed a growing blue collar emphasis in Reality TV shows lately.  Before you get all “Bachelor” on me, I’m primarily talking about “Deadliest Catch,” “Dirtiest Jobs” and “OC Chopper” type of shows.  In an era of technology and computer innovation, these shows celebrate the guy with  craftsmanship and sweat.  Hard labor, creating a product or working a vessel, crafting, forming.

I like that.

I’ve wondered if our culture will swing back toward celebrating the blue collar to wear my kids would rather craft something with their life than innovate an idea?

It will be a needed balance because I’m convinced that leadership in a church is blue collar work.  So many people come up with ideas and innovations but don’t know how to craft them into a ministry. Meanwhile our best leaders are men and women who wear a blue collar mindset.  They brainstorm and plan and do all the white collar work, but in the end, it is a blue collar approach of rolling up their sleeves and getting sweaty that gets a ministry thriving. Effort, crafting, soul formation.  Blue Collar work.

Blue or white?  What’s your flavor?


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