All Church Communications are Equal….

…but some are more equal than others…

Sunday announcements, emails, newsletters, lobby, facebook, twitter, word of mouth. And often, you can use all these mediums and still people will say, “I didn’t know about it!”

a couple of questions:

1) What is your most effective form of communication?

2) How do you handle Sunday announcements?

Here’s 5 lessons we’ve learned so far on the journey of effective church communications:

— In a church our size, people don’t believe something is important unless the preacher announces it on a Sunday.

— Every ministry leader wants their announcement shared from the preacher on Sunday.  Our arbitrary rule, guideline, “if the announcement doesn’t fit 50% of our population, we don’t announce it from the stage.”

— All church communications turn to white noise over time.  (Known as the “Erik Lindeen Rule of Church Communications” coined by one of our staff.)

Church communication is not socialist!  Not all announcements are given equal resource.  Some areas of church life have to be disproportionally over-communicated to maintain balance.  We over communicate serving outside the church and reaching our neighbors and friends.  We under communicate the importance of caring for others in the church because our church doesn’t need that reminder or push.

— The finest form of communication in a church:  personal invitation.  People think the preacher needs to say it from the platform, but in reality, nothing trumps the passionate ministry leader personally inviting someone to participate.

I’d love to hear any forms of communication that work well for you, or any lessons you’ve learned.  We’re constantly on a learning curve with this one.

3 Replies to “All Church Communications are Equal….”

  1. Great & practical topic for pastors of mid-size congregations Steve – like me.

    Ongoing effective congregation-wide communication continues to be our struggle. We issue announcements via bulletins, monthly newsletters, pre & post service projection rotation slides, church website announcements, flyers, inserts, posters and traditional verbal announcements, and we STILL get plenty of “I never knew about that”s!

    We were getting a ton of last minute requests for pulpit announcements. Being a sweetheart of a chap I’d smile and do it; however, I was doing 10 minutes each Sunday which cut into my message time. Then after being Joe Infomercial, I’d have to switch gears into sermon mode. In doing it the old way, we enabled ministry leaders to procrastinate on promotion and personal invitations.

    We now only feature the most generally appropriate & time sensitive announcements by video. Our creative arts director records various faces from the church sharing about 2-3 announcements – max. We’ve cut announcement time from 10 minutes to 45 seconds.

    Though not a perfected science, we move more swiftly each Sunday, people enjoy seeing themselves and folks they know on the big screen, and, we’ve forced the leaders to give as much creative thought to promoting as they do planning. So far so good.

    Again, great topic!


  2. Steve, great ideas here, thanks! “Joe informercial” is so true and I love the idea of your folks in a video – lots of wins to be had there.


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