No More Mr Taskmaster

In a previous post, I talked about the challenge of having multiple relationships with people in your church.  For some, its not just pastor, but friend, taskmaster and counselor etc.

in 2010, thanks to a good friend of mine who serves as our chairman of elders, I dropped the taskmaster role.  I wish I’d dropped it years ago.

In a smaller church, so many collaborative decisions end up on the pastor’s plate to communicate.  Someone has to communicate the decision and it might as well be the full time employee of the church. Also, often times someone has to crack the whip on a project or a deadline.  Too often, the lead pastor ends up as the messenger of bad news or as a whip cracker.

But this puts the shepherd into the taskmaster role.

Many folks already project power issues onto an MHP  and when he is also the chief communicator of tough decisions or the taskmaster for project deadlines, he can become a mighty difficult shepherd.

Its not about avoiding responsibility, its about delegating decision making and decision communicating.  By allowing others to step into this role, you also help them shoulder the weight of the decision.  Your people move from being advisors to leaders who bear weight and carry responsibility.

Its about letting others be the decision communicators and project managers so you can preserve and protecting your most important roles: leader, preacher, shepherd.

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