Dealing with Discouragement

Our local chapter of Multi Hat Pastor meets today over lunch and each time we meet, we tackle a topic together.  Today’s topic:

“Dealing with discouragement that comes from criticism and perceived lack of momentum.”

yep, should be done in 30 minutes!

Discouragement, of course, is the black hole of ministry and today we hope to share some struggles, but more importantly share some tools that help us move past discouragement.  I’ll post some of the tools we discuss later this week, but meanwhile:

what tools help you overcome discouragement?  How do you stop criticism from breeding in your brain and soul?  What do you do when you feel “stuck” regarding momentum?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and I’ll be sharing some in the next day or two.

One Reply to “Dealing with Discouragement”

  1. Great topic! I guess I don’t worry too much about criticism (it isn’t that I don’t get it) but I truly have been at this long enough that I can usually handle most criticism…

    But the discouragement that comes from lack of momentum or the perceived idea that “no one cares as much as I do” is huge! This is what I seem to battle on a week to week basis (especially after a Sunday like Easter). We had 94 on Easter which is an all time high. In the last two weeks since Easter, we have been running only in the low 50’s. I thought we created a TON of momentum leading up to and through Easter. The last two weeks have been like getting an upper cut from Mike Tyson (well, from 20 years ago!).

    I still don’t think I have any good ideas on how to handle it. I meet with a ministry coach once a month and that helps. I go fishing whenever I can and that helps. I read the life of David and try to take company in his ups and downs and that helps. But I still have no real consistent mechanism that helps me cope with this type of discouragement.

    I guess it all comes down to making the choice to truly believe that God has called me to do this. And I have to make the choice everyday to get up out of bed and faithfully obey to what He has for me today.


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