Summer Resource Slump?

Even with the advent of online giving, it seems many smaller churches face a summer of resource challenge.  People are gone, thus their offering is gone as well.  We’ve faced this each year I’ve been at Discovery and this past Summer has been one of the toughest resource wise.


Do you also face the summer slump and if so, what do you do to overcome it?  How do you communicate to your folks?  We’ve facing a very exciting Fall, but with our current Summer pattern, we’re on a spending freeze until we see a change.  I’d love to hear how others deal with this

3 Replies to “Summer Resource Slump?”

  1. We are right there with you. We are hanging on with white knuckles. We are in a spending freeze as well. We try to be very open and honest with our folks over the summer…all without trying to make the ones who are there feel guilty…as if they aren’t doing enough. One of the things we try and do is get the summer faithful to send cards and emails to the ones that aren’t there…I don’t think it helps much, but at least the summer no-shows will get some sense that we care about them even when they don’t come to our worship gatherings.


    1. Thanks RJ – we’re trying some things this Sunday to help people move through this. Preaching, but also an analysis of giving (percentages, not amounts) and everyone is getting a copy of our budget and a narrative of what the money does. I’ll catch up if we’re successfull in any of these endeavors


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