Last year’s lesson: God can call without providing

Last year two couples in our church adopted children – one locally, the other internationally.  For both couples the process was arduous, heartbreaking, drawn out and pushed their faith to breaking point.  At every turn, things got complicated even to the point of absurdity.  At times, God seemed silent on the matter and I cannot speak for either couple, but I suspect at least one of them was seriously questioning this call.

If God called us, shouldn’t He also straighten the path?

Apparently not, at least not through a human perspective.  Just because God calls us to a task, doesn’t automatically mean he’ll provide the way we think or the timeline we think.

Perseverance, as it turns out, is one of God’s preferred tools in the spiritual growth tool belt.

I’m not writing this from hindsight perspective, but rather, right in the middle of this angst.  We have grand vision for our church – “immeasurably more” type vision that extends way beyond our imagination.  We believe it is from the very heart of God.  As we look around our community, we see overwhelming evidence for the need for this vision to be realized.  So many unchurched people, so many under resourced people, so few churches doing much about either.  We believe this vision will be catalyzed on a piece of land our church bought 6 years ago.  God called us to buy this land and moving  from being dirt owners to building owners has been back breaking and faith stretching,  breaking testing.  I cannot even begin to describe the obstacles we’ve faced.

But God is calling us to persevere.  God is calling us on a path and even though it is not resourced the way we’d like (hey, anyone have a spare million?) we know its a path He’s calling us on, so we’re walking it.  And it takes more brain, brawn, sweat, prayer and sacrifice than I ever could have imagined.

Its a funny thing, that passage in Ephesians, where Paul writes, “God will do immeasurably more than you could ask or even imagine” because sometimes that means God will put you through immeasurably more trial.  I don’t think about that enough when I’m in the midst of these challenges.

So today, I pray that God will strengthen my faith, yes, but even more that God would strengthen our backs to endure and persevere until we see His providence for the path He has set before us.  I’ll say a prayer for you today as well

2 Replies to “Last year’s lesson: God can call without providing”

  1. Dear Steve,
    You have been on my heart. At the lake on Friday after walking around it and praying, someone mentioned going to our land walking around and praying, someone else said maybe we should do it seven times and then shout! I actually like the idea…it has been on my heart since then. You Game?
    Deb Benson


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