Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know
By: Joyce Hugg

God is with you all the time
But floods and death
And earthquakes,
Plagues and death
And sickness
Government and death
Still happen to the best of us
And also to the rest of us.

You will go through life’s phases ‘til you die
And if you do it right
You won’t remember who you were.

You will never be good enough
And half of what you thought was good enough at 20
Will be displaced at 40.

Parents die and best friends
Change and move
And generally create heart havoc
When you think its all forever.

You almost always have a choice
But sometimes the best choices
Feel the worst.

Not everyone thinks like you do
And many think better than you
And many think ill of you
Some think not at all.

You can be bought
And you would be amazed at the prices nowdays.

The things of which you are most sure
Will break your heart
And challenge all you know
And see
And can’t see
And leave you stranded
just to see
if you are really sure.

For a dream to come true
Takes more work
Than you would ever dream
Or might be able to even stand.

Reasons and answers
Are not in the book
And you don’t have the rights to them.

Sometimes there are no stars
And the storm gets worse
And the wind will tear your soul
You feel sure.

And Jesus is asleep in the boat.

You would be surprised at all that really happens in life.

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