Our ‘behind the scenes’ with their ‘highlight reel’

I was listening to some MP3s from the recent Willow Creek Leadership Summit and Steven Furtick gave a great talk from the life of Elisha on audacious faith. He brought a fantastic message on the importance of “digging ditches” so when God brings the rain, we’re ready to receive it. Our job is to dig the ditches, do the preparation, hard work and wait on God. It is God who brings the rain, does the work, provides. A Great message, a great reminder.

One of the ongoing struggles of MHPs in smaller churches is battling the feeling of insignificance. Even though God is doing amazing things among your congregation, because they may not be quantitatively amazing, a MHP can start to feel insignificant.

Furtick made this profound comment during his message, “One of the reasons we struggle with insecurity is because we’re comparing our ‘behind the scenes’ with everybody else’s ‘highlight reel.'”

What a great reminder for all of us.

I’ve also heard it said this way, “We often compare what we know about ourselves with what we don’t know about others and we find ourselves wanting.”

I hope that is an encouragement to you and meanwhile, I’ve been praying for this past month that God would strengthen my faith and that I would be the “chief noticer of what God is up to.”

This Sunday night our church is holding a baptism party and I was hoping we’d see 8 or 10 people getting baptized. We’re baptizing 21 people. Everyone is talking about it. I think its going to be one of the highlights of our church year. 21 people. That’s almost 10% of our entire attendance being baptized in one day. God is bringing the rain.

3 Replies to “Our ‘behind the scenes’ with their ‘highlight reel’”

  1. praise the Lord, 21 baptisms. That is a great illustration/fact that God is reaching people’s hearts in Broomfield and the area. Your insignifcance is very significant.


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