Oh Pat, you really don’t speak for the team

There are Christians who live somewhat in the public eye and who “speak for the team.” They host their own shows, or are often the “go to” Christian leader for a quote when CNN, NBC or Fox News comes calling.  Rick Warren, Frank Graham, Tim Keller, Lee Strobel, Ann Graham Lutz and many others.  These men and women speak for the team, in my opinion.  I appreciate how well they represent God through the media.

There are others who claim to speak for the team, but I listen and wonder if we can possibly be on the same team?  I’ve actually prayed, “Please God, let people understand this person is not speaking for you.”

The church already has a largely negative reputation in our culture.  Some of this negative reputation has been forged by public Christians who say stupid things that are 100% contrary to Christ.  They misrepresented us and deeply hurt the cause.  They don’t speak for the team.

Enter Pat Robertson, stage right.


retirement time?  Or Lord, could you just make him mute, or for that matter, moot.  The rest of us would sure be grateful.



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