Preaching: The Product and the Preparation

Yesterday, our Northern Suburbs BLN gathering discussed all things preaching.  Here are the cliff notes of helpful resources we identified in the prep and delivery of sermons.  This is offered bullet style, and hopefully some of these resources will serve you well.

In our next blog post, we’ll look at the 12 month preaching calendar, post some examples etc.

Favorite Apps

– Mindjet Mind Manager.  Ideas and planning don’t come in a linnear fashion.  Mind mapping helps you both arrange your ideas and see the heirarchy of ideas.

– Evernote for a “one stop” capturing app of ideas.  You can capture ideas through the camera, by typing, or by speaking.  Evernote syncs across all your devices

– – a presentation app that animates your slides and is excellent for showing “relationships” between ideas.

Helpful Websites

blueletterbible for work in original languages. for a rating and review of most major Bible Commentaries for cultural background research

— for delivery tools and coaching.

Favorite Story Sources

– NPR’s “This American Life

– NPR’s “Fresh Air

– The Moth Story Podcast

– “The Week” magazine which is a summation of news and stories around the world in one digest.  Sort of a collator of all news, editorials and odd stories from around the world.

Tools To Get You Unstuck: 

— 15 minute power nap.

— Watch something funny to unlock and rejuvenate.

— Print out your sermon, lay it out on the table and look at it overall, instead of in a linear fashion

— talk it out loud as I prep.

— let it perc through the week.

Improving Your Craft

— study comedians and public speakers

— understand the phases of sermon prep and know which phase I love, which phase I resist

— try to leave the sermon preparation in an excited state.


Like I said, bullet points, but hopefully they’ll be of help!

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