Pat Robertson once again violates the heart of God!

Just a quick note to Pat Robertson, who I genuinely hope sees this blog post:

Your asinine comments about adoption are 100% against the Bible’s teachings.  Orphans are image bearers of God.  Along with widows and aliens (yay!) they represent the deepest chambers of God’s heart.

They are no weirder than you or I.  People who bring them into their families know God’s heartbeat in a way you never will.  It has nothing to do with the United Nations.

You and I are adopted into God’s family (at least I hope you are) and you might note that Jesus himself was adopted by Joseph.

I thank God that he willingly and lovingly brought me into his family.  The truth is, I’m not a net gain for him.  I don’t improve God’s bottom line.  I’m difficult.  I’m weird.

On this topic, I can’t speak for you.

But love compels God to adopt us and compels many of God’s people to follow suit.

Thank God.

Please, and I say this with genuine heart.  Please stop speaking in public.  The quiet majority of Christ followers are trying to do something positive around here, but a watching and cynical world thinks you speak for us.  You don’t, but its very hard to convince them of that.  So please stop.  That would truly help.

We’re tired of picking up your garbage.  You cannot sincerely claim to represent God and say the things you say.  You have no authority on which to base your comments.  You will be called to account for your thoughtless pronouncements one day.  Its time for you to stop now.

Thank you

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