Rick McKinley and the “want to” life

Last week I had the privilege of attending Movement Day, a conference dedicated to the John 17 idea of churches working together as one to serve their cities.

Rick Mckinley of Imago Dei Church in Portland spoke about issues of leadership and discipleship and gave us this nugget of gold:  (i’m paraphrasing a 30 minute talk into this summary:)

Discipleship in the western church is about moving people from “how to” to “want to.”  We live in an age where Christians crave more studies and more knowledge, but the core issue relates to the will, not the mind.  We pretend we don’t understand what Jesus wants, when actually we just don’t want to follow his commands and his lifestyle.  Repentence, then, is turning away from the things we want and turning toward the things Jesus wants.  A disciple wants what Jesus wants.




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