Jesus measured …

Jesus measured spiritual maturity by fruit. And fruit implies seasons. And though we only harvest fruit in one season, we need all four to produce it. Winter is as necessary to bearing fruit—to deep spiritual maturity—as spring or summer is. I think most Christians miss this—and the seasonality of the heart in general—because the idea that darkness, sadness, stillness, and unproductivity might be a necessary condition for bearing fruit collides with our reigning paradigm, the spirituality of busyness and giddiness.

Mark Buchanan

I love this quote from Mark Buchanan because I’ve honestly never thought of fruit bearing this way.  Of course fruit only comes in one season (or maybe 2 for some fruit), but spiritually, I naturally expect to see fruit year round.  Buchanan challenges us to embrace the “non overt fruit bearing seasons” as essential for soul growth.  

2 Replies to “Jesus measured …”

  1. I appreciate that analogy. I just heard Keller point out that trees also face droughts, sicknesses and winds… And that during those times the roots press deeper. It’s a great picture of God’s constant love through our changing seasons of productivity.


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