Ask Anything Blog Begins!


We’re in week 2 of our “Ask Anything” sermon series.  You’ve submitted over 120 questions, approximately half of them will be handled during a church service sermon, the other half here on this blog.  We will have guest authors and for each author, I’ll post a short bio so you can get a sense of who is addressing your questions.

We sorted the 120+ questions into 12 categories.  You can find a brief description of the categories below.  If you submitted a question and want to find it on the blog, you can search by phrase, the question will appear in either the title line of the blog, or at the top of the article.  Some questions are very lengthy, in which case, search by keyword!

Each blog article will be tagged with keywords from the question, author’s last name and category from below.  Blog articles will be posted throughout the series.

We pray this is helpful to you!  Here are the categories of your questions:

1. Death, Suicide, Life after Death.  Most of these will be addressed in a sermon on Thurs Sept 25/Sun Sept 28th, but others will be here on the blog

2. Salvation, How to attain it, what of people who have never heard/good people etc.  Some questions covered in a sermon on Thurs Oct 9th/12th.  Other questions will be addressed on the blog

3. Evolution and Creation, Old Testament Oddities.  Some will be address by guest preacher Dr Eric Smith, Old Testament Scholar and president of Pillar Seminary, Oct 2nd/5th. Others will be on this blog.

4. Controversial Cultural and Church Topics.  Abortion and Homosexuality was addressed on Sept 11th/15th sermon.  Marijuana and women in leadership will be addressed on this blog.

5. International Persecution will be covered on the blog

6. Suffering, Evil, Satan, God’s Love etc.  will be covered in a sermon on Sept 19th/22nd and also on the blog

7. Prayer, how does it work, what can it do and not do?  will be covered on this blog

8. God’s Power and how it works will be handled on the blog

9. Questions about Revelation will be handled in a sermon series starting Oct 16th/19th and going for 6 weeks.

10. Relationships between believers and non believers were covered in a sermon on Sept 4th/7th and some will be covered on this blog

11. Church logistics will all be addressed on this blog

12. Miscellaneous questions (of which there are 30+) will be covered on the blog.

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