Ask Anything: Extra Funds to finish the Barn?

Q: Can we consider using extra funds to finish things around the building (ie: storage shelves in the stage area) and pay down mortgage-  both can be done, maybe??

Great question!  The short answer is Yes!  This budget cycle reflects the both-and suggestion in this question.   When we moved into the Barn, we operated from a very tight “F,F&E” budget.  (F,F&E: Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment.)  And so our Barn was left with some unfinished business.  This year’s budget aims to pay down our mortgage principle by at least $129,000, but also has plans to improve our basement, add some safety features (cell phone coverage in the basement!  AED machine in auditorium), our stage, lobby and balcony will all receive some improvements in this upcoming budget

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