Ask Anything: Why don’t we have Kevin Colon as an associate pastor?

Note: Throughout this series, we promised to address every question that came in.  Because this question named a specific person who is also a friend of Discovery and like a brother to me, I thought it best to send the answer to Kevin before posting it publicly.  I love that we received this question!  Kevin and many like him are a huge blessing to our church.

Q:Why don’t we have Kevin Colon as an associate pastor?  He is such an incredible lover/follower of Jesus and would be a welcomed addition to this wonderful church.

A: Yes, Kevin is a blessing to Discovery and the Front Range Community – we’re always excited when Kevin comes to speak!  Kevin currently serves at a church in Longmont and we are not in the habit of trying to pull staff from a partner church.  We have budgeted to hire an associate Pastor in the Spring, but have not yet determined the specifics of that role to then determine who might be the best fit.  For any staff member opening, we give much prayer and thought to who God is calling, and we trust the candidates to also be in prayerful consideration..  When it is time to look for an associate Pastor, we will prayerfully consider all options to see who God is calling to join us.  Meanwhile, Kevin continues to bless Discovery with his preaching and will be joining us again this Fall and in 2015 for some sermons.  I’m personally grateful for Kevin’s friendship, encouragement and love of our church.  He is a gifted Bible teacher and a genuine follower of Jesus

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