Ask Anything: Getting more people involved?

Q: How can we get more people involved in serving in the various areas of our church?

A: Great question!  By far, the most effective way to involve more people in serving is:

1) personal invitation by another person serving in that ministry.  Serving can actually be contagious!  If you are serving in a particular ministry, consider who you can invite to serve alongside you.

2) A theology of service that is in line with Scripture.  Churches can be tempted to fill slots due to need and certainly, this can happen from time to time, but Scripture calls us to serve because everyone has a contribution that is essential to the health of the church AND because God expresses love to God’s people through service.

3) A priority to care for the soul more than “get something out of someone.”  Many Christians have stories of “serving burnout” in churches and not feeling cared for as a person.

People talk about the 80/20 rule where 20% of the people do 80% of the work.  This can happen in churches too, but if a church has a healthy theology of service, the percentage of involved people will be much higher.  Discovery has typically had 60-80% of the people involved in serving in some capacity.

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