Ask Anything: What is with the bowing of heads?

Sharon Vickers addresses this question.  Sharon is technically our church administrator, but people who know her describe her as a shepherd, team builder, encourager, listener, carer of souls.  We’d be in serious trouble without her.  Her blog posts also show that she’s a thoughtful follower of Jesus.

Q: Why are heads bowed when praying?

A: There is no direct scripture or command in the Bible that says you must bow your head to pray.  Matthew 6:6 tells you how to pray but does not tell you anything about bowing your head or any other particular way to handle your body while praying.  There are many scriptures that reference the apostles kneeling in prayer but it never says this is a must to pray.

I do believe it is a show of reverence while having a conversation with God to bow your head and close your eyes so the distractions around you are shut out and God is who you are communing with. Kneeling in prayer is also another way to honor God while you pray.

See Psalm 95 for another good scripture on praying.

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