Ask Anything: Do animals go to heaven?

I’m often asked this by someone who deeply loves their pet and it is a great question.  The shortest answer is “yes” in that the Bible describes the eternal state of heaven as “A new heaven and a new earth” or a “renewed earth” or a future time when “heaven and earth will collide” and so while the Bible is quite scant on the details of heaven, it does lead us to believe that heaven will be very earth like in its substance, so I think we can conclude that animals will definitely be there.  The underlying question of course, is “will my pet” go to heaven?”  It is another great question on which the Bible does not speak because having a pet is a relatively new concept in human history, so we can’t presume to answer, but based on the Bible’s teachings on heaven and new creation involving animals, we can count on animals being in heaven.

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