Ask Anything: If Satan has already lost…

This guys blog was written by Bev Green, our Local Outreach Co Ordinator.  Bev has been with Discovery since the portable days, has served in most of our areas and currently serves under resourced populations in Broomfield on behalf of Discovery.  She has a great passion to see women grow in their faith and pours much of her time into Broomfield‘s multi church ministry to Single Mothers.  She’s a great thinker, speaker and writer.

Q: If Satan has already lost, why does he still torment us?

A: It is likely that Satan was the highest of all the angels in heaven.  He was the most beautiful of all creation but he wasn’t content in his position.  He desired to be God.  As a result Satan was cast out of heaven by God.

Satan has been called the ruler of this world. When he was cast out of heaven God gave him dominion over the world. Since we are living our lives here on the earth we are living in the midst of his kingdom. This does not mean that he has any control over the life of the Christian. He is the father of lies and as a result he uses his powers of deception to create issues and problems in the lives of each one of us. I believe that the biggest reason that Satan torments us is because he knows he has ultimately lost.

He was created to have fellowship with God but because pride got in his way that fellowship/relationship was severed. God then created man, not only for relationship but in His image.  One can only imagine how that made Satan feel. I believe that Satan sees tormenting man, created in God’s image, as his way of taking revenge for being cast out of heaven. I used to believe that Satan did it just because he could. I think it makes a great deal of sense that his real goal is to cause harm to the thing that God lives most, us.

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