Ask Anything: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Another great guest post by Bev Green

If God can do anything why did Jesus have to die?. Couldn’t God have decided a different way for humans to be saved or to conquer death?

The simple answer for this question is yes, he could have and that just seems wrong to us sometimes. We as humans look at our relationship with our kids and know that would be an unbelievable decision to have to make. We would sacrifice ourselves in a minute but not our children that we have spent every ounce of energy to protect.

At the core of this question we have to be careful that we aren’t questioning God’s perfect plan for salvation. He chose this path because of how we feel about our kids. He wants us to truly understand the magnitude of the sacrifice and there is nothing we love more than our kids.

From the beginning scripture has been clear that there was only one way to get to heaven and that is through the shed blood of Christ, the perfect lamb that takes away the sins of the world.  We look at that and it doesn’t make any sense to us but God is so good to put things into a frame of reference.

We know and understand that when man was cast out of the garden that payment for sin required a blood sacrifice.  Early on a spotless lamb of bird was enough but ultimately God had a bigger plan, his Son.  He came to this world perfect, sinless and blameless, the only man who was born and lived his whole life that way.

God knew that while we would understand the pain and magnitude of sacrifice through a lamb or bird on a certain level, we would so much more understand the role and importance of sacrifice to pay for our sins by Jesus having to pay the price.  Essentially the payment for sins was for our benefit but so was what that payment had to be.

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