#GLS15 session 10: Brian Houston Interview

Bill is interviewing Brian Houston from Hillsong Church.  It is the second interview in a row where Bill tried to put the interviewee on the back foot at the beginning of the interview.  I wonder what that is about.  

Brian has faced a good deal of challenge in the last few years, including the Aussie 60 Minutes TV expose and a late in life revelation about his father’s sin and brokenness.  I’m excited to hear his insight into leading through pain.  

  • I knew the call of God was on my life, but understanding grade and being comfortable in my own skin took far too many years.  
  • ‘You should come to our church.  The pastor swings out into the crowd on a rope.’ LOL! 
  • Leaders tend to live in the redline of the tachometer, so when a challenge hits, it can send us into a dangerous unsustainable speed.  
  • My stress culminated in a panic attack, which forced some significant overdue changes to my life.  The way I travel, I quit sleeping tablets, brought more discipline into some aspects of my life.  

I always appreciate a leader who shares current vulnerabilities and struggle.  Brian Houstin is visibly still working through challenges, but choosing to share current personal struggles.  

  • ‘Who wrote this song?’  Joel wrote it. ‘Joel who?’  I didn’t see it coming.  
  • I’m always moved by the resiliency of the church.  Through transition and tension and challenge, the church thrives.  God leads the church.  
  • Hybels to new staff, ‘I’m delighted you’re beginning your season here,  I don’t know if you will be here for a long season or short season.  One day my season will end here as well.  God will bring and we will come and go and I pray we can serve well together as our seasons overlap.’
  • Hybels blessing Brian Houston, ‘every time after I leave your presence, my faith is expanded.  You have a gift of growing faith in the lives of others.’  That’s a wonderful blessing to say about another pastor.  
  • I’ve seen it over and over,  a season comes to a close, or some key person moves on and I think, ‘ok God, I guess that chapter is closed.’ But God continues the momentum and grows the ministry way beyond what it was.  

An American movie studio made a movie about Hillsong United.  The preview is inspiring, I very much look forward to the movie.  

Brian Houston was powerful.  I confess I’ve not appreciated his preaching as its heavy prosperity emphasis bothers me. But I greatly appreciated how he expressed his heart and how he navigated pain while in leadership.  

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