#GLS15 session 11: Sam Adeyemi

Sam is rocking a happening shirt.

The Power Chasm

  • ‘You have to remember, when the Lord asks you a question, it isn’t because he doesn’t know the answer!’ 
  • The maturity path for a leader involves the move of helping your team become successful more than being concerned with your own success. 
  • The Bible is a summary of what happened.  Jesus walks up to the sons of Zebadee and says, ‘follow me.’ And the sons followed him.  But actually, the plan was for the sons to inheret the family’s business.  Jesus must have shared a vision of the Kingdom that made Zebadee and his sons agree that following him was the better path.  
  • In Nigeria, people lead from their platform or their title and this creates heirarchical distance.  The powerful are very powerful and the powerless are very powerless.  But Jesus’ vision of servant leadership give power to the powerless.  
  • Power distance can leave followers with low self esteem and can leave followers with a low self esteem and they seldom use initiative and are less accountable.  
  • Jesus crushed power gaps between men and women, adults and children, leaders and followers.  
  • Jesus defied the power structures of his day,  that is why so many of his hearings were on the sabbath – to confront the power structure of the Pharisees and teachers of the law.  
  • The most amazing thing I have observed about the leadership of Jesus is that he gave power away.  
  • Sam as Jesus to Peter after Peter asks to walk on water, ‘Peter, when you were baptized, did the heavens open and a dove descend???’  
  • But the Jesus way is to say, ‘Peter, if I can do it you can too, come on and walk on water.’
  • The is something about leaders and talented people that believe others cannot do what we can do.  

An utterly delightful moment at GLS, hearing this wonderful Nigerian pastor mimic Jesus, Peter, Moses and other Bible characters as he tells Bible stories with a distinct African humor and delivery.  

  • If you are in an under resourced part of the world, see it as an unusual opportunity for empowerment.  Power structures in developing countries are very heirarchical.  Empowering people is a great pathway for people to discover the gospel.  

A wonderful, provocative talk.  GLS has only been strengthened by giving platform time to global leaders.  We have so much to learn from each other.  

Video story:  Idi Amin’s son seeking forgiveness for his father’s atrocities.  He said, ‘when people tell me the atrocities that my father committed on their family, it makes me want to defend myself, or run,  but there is a third option: to say I’m sorry.’  Miraculous!  

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