#GLS15 session 12: Liz Wiseman

Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing

  • Is it possible we are at our best when we know the very least, when we’re new, when we’re naive?
  • The rookie has the advantage because they ask a lot of questions and often they don’t know the ‘correct’ questions, and often the ‘incorrect’ questions help figure out what to do.  
  • Experience has obvious upside, but the clear downside: knowledge leads to assumptions, often bad assumptions.  
  • When you’ve seen something before, your mind fills in what is not actually there.  OUCH! Been there. 
  • Job Satisfaction level increases when challenge level increases.  Increased challenge forces a person to figure it out, thus decreasing the challenge level.  
  • Rookies are motivated to reduce risk, reduce tension and not stick their neck out, but rookies can give a gift to the rest of the team.  
  • Giving people work they already know how to do is demotivating.  
  • Signs you’re on a plateau: things are finally running smoothly, you already have the answers, (ready answers for known problems), you get positive feedback, you’ve become the mentor. 
  • When you’re at the top of your game, you’re in danger of getting stuck at a plateau.
  • The worst: busy, but bored.  This is contagious.  
  • Comfort is stealthy.  It enters the home as a guest, and then it becomes the host and eventually becomes the master.  
  • Can you lead as a perpetual rookie? Fantastic question!  You can do it, by pivoting between the dual roles of leader and learner. 
  • Pivots: throw away your notes, (my students deserve fresh thinking.), ask the questions. Admit what you don’t know, let someone else lead, take a new job that you’re incompetent for. 
  • There is no more powerful shift for a leader than pivoting from the person who knows to the person who asks.  BOOM!
  • In a growing organization, you’re under qualified every day.  Why not publicly admit that to your team. 
  • ‘Everyone here knows there is no such thing as vacation with small children.  You’re just shifting the zip code of where you work.’ So true!
  • Spend time with the new converts to renew your own spiritual growth. 
  • In our state of not knowing, we come to know God.

Wonderful YouTube video of ‘zia’ the 10 year old who tackles the steep downhill here

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