#GLS15 session 13: Craig Groeschel

I’m pretty sure Craig is 50% more man than most of us.  Dude is distubringly handsome, ripped and coifed.

Expanding Your Leadership Capacity

  • Your brain doesn’t understand what your body is capable of.  Craig’s story of holding his breath under water and the recurring response, ‘there is more in you.’ He thought he held his breath for 2 minutes, but actually held it 2 mins 45 seconds.  
  • There is more in you than you thought was possible. 
  • A family with 6 kids has a different mindset than a family with 2 kids.  As your organization grows, your mindset about leading that organization must change. 
  • Anytime my organization starts to settle or struggle, I always assume that my mindset needs to change, I need to expand my capacity.  
  • Five C’s of expanding your capacity. Choose to work on just one of them.
  • Build your confidence.  Your words give you away.  Your language keeps speaking about ‘a lid.’  Change your self talk – no longer, ‘I need to clone myself…there aren’t enough hours in the day’ etc.  step out of insecurity and fear and step into calling of God.  Take one step forward out of your lack of confidence and step into the confidence of God.  You are not who you say you are, you are who God says you are.  
  • Expand your connections. Show me who yo listen to and I will show you who you are becoming.  You may be one relationship away from changing the course of your destiny.  
  • 136 church services each week at Lifechurch.  Mind blowing.  
  • Don’t copy what mentors do, learn how they think.  
  • Enjoy and embrace the gift of disorientation when you’re around people whose thinking you don’t understand.  
  • Improve your competence. What specific area do I need to improve. You may not know what it is, but everyone around you knows what it is. 
  • If you are not listening more than you’re talking, your organization is in trouble.
  • Delegate authority, not a task, if you want to develop leaders. I can never hear that enough,  such good, simply advice. 
  • ‘Honey, what in my preaching needs to change?’ It looks like you’re carrying a box and you need to put down the box. LOL!
  • Strengthen your character. Talent can get you to the top, but only character will keep you there.  If your character is not strengthening, your future potential is weakening.  Check your life for leaks. How are your important relationships, how is your time with God, are we telling white lies? Are we portraying something inaccurately? Unconfessed sin? 
  • If there is something in your private life that could affect your public life?
  • Why resist a temptation tomorrow that I can eliminate today? Eliminate temptations that can be eliminated. (Through guidelines, Internet accountability etc.)
  • Increase your commitment.  Hard to take notes here, because Craig entered into old time revival preacher/80’s motivational guy during this part.  He’s right, but it’s hard to take notes on it. 

Craig is having people stand up for the area they want to work on.  Good to declare publicly  what you’re committing to. For me it is increasing my competence.

Craig could use some modulation – the message was like having a relationship with a jackhammer, but the content was great. 

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