#GLS15 session 8 Horst Schulze

Horst left his speech in the taxi!  Apparently, it doesn’t matter, this guy threw down mad passion and great concrete points. 

Creating World Class Service

  • Select people, don’t hire them.  We carefully choose every staff member, even the dishwasher goes through a rigorous interview process. 
  • I do all staff orientation for all of my hotels.  I am the first person they meet once they are selected.  ‘I am Horst Schulzeselect, the CEO of this company and I am very important…….and so are you.’  Everybody is an important human being, from the hotel dishwasher to the CEo.  Nobody is superior to another.  
  • At the orientation, Horst tells them, ‘Your job is important.  If you don’t show up, it is a disaster!  If you don’t turn over the room, it is a disaster.  If the dishes aren’t washed, it is a disaster! If I don’t show up for work, no one notices.’  
  • A leader forfeits the right to make an excuse.  
  • A leader’s job is to equip your people to accomplish the vision of the organization.  Our key product is respect and service to human beings.  That is our product.  
  • Every hotel customer expects 3 things: no defects, timely service, caring staff.  
  • Horst created a credo of expectations for all employees.  31 points that are essential to their business.  
  • ‘Are you willing to join me in fulfilling this credo?  Would you enjoy fulfilling this credo?  If you won’t, don’t accept this job.  Because if you don’t fulfill this credo, I will be forced to make your life miserable.’  LOL!
  • We remind our staff of one credo item per day.  Coca cola advertises.  Why? Everybody knows coke.  They advertise to remind people,  and we remind our team of our credo every day.  
  • One example of a credo item:  If a customer presents a problem to you, you own it, even if it isn’t your fault.  You are empowered to solve that customer’s problem with up to $2000 without approval.  A customer comes to the front desk, their tv is broken.  The front desk employee says, ‘I’m sorry, Please forgive me. I will switch that tv out right away.  I’m sorry to had to bring it to our attention, I’d like to take care of breakfast for your family tomorrow.’ 
  • It is not just the right thing to do for our investors and for our customers, it is the moral thing to do.  

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