#GLS15 Session 7 Albert Tate

Thanks to Owen Smiley to providing these notes while I went back to work.  Italics are Owen’s thoughts.  

Can I just say the video before this about Angola prison in Louisiana was incredible?

“God doesn’t just say ‘do this’ or ‘do that.’ You think it, and then you think, ‘that’s an awesome thought. I couldn’t have thought of that on my own.'” says Warden Cain

Leading with Leftovers

  • Who should you believe? Lies in truth’s clothing or the naked truth?
  • A lie about leadership: you’re supposed to give it 115%. No you don’t because you don’t live on the field, you live at home, and if you leave it all on the field then you have nothing to take home.
  • How do you lead in a way to have something left? How do you lead not with an eye on your resume but an eye on your eulogy?
  • John 6: feeding of the 5,000. Jesus gives us insight on how to lead with leftovers. He asked how much money they had to buy food. It was a dumb question but Jesus asked on purpose because he wanted it to be clear they couldn’t have done what they are about to do on their own power.
  • The disciple has a dumb idea: hey, I found this boy with two fish and five loaves. I know it’s dumb but I had to say it. This disciple is not laughed out of the room – Jesus says to bring him forward.
  • There is power in dumb ideas, in dumb questions. You need freedom to ask these and think these. Dumb + God’s plan = life transformation.
  • It’s amazing how Jesus specializes in dumb ideas. “Hey Moses, you stutter. Hey Moses, I need somebody to go talk to Pharaoh and tell him to let My people go.”
  • Homeboy Industries. Google it to learn the story of this dumb idea.

  • Do you really think this guy is the only person to have a lunch? Jesus picks him for a reason. What if Jesus is going to do a miracle with what you bring?
  • What does it mean for you to pack your lunch, and not count on Jesus to provide everything, so Jesus can use what you bring?As leaders we need to pack what we have. No, it’s not sufficient at all, but it’s what I bring. I give it to Jesus and let him instruct me from there. Although at time we tend to think we need to give Jesus instructions.
  • Bring what you got, give it, and get out of the way so that you might experience the awe and the wonder of God.
  • When was the last time your scarcity became his abundance?
  • Example of a dumb idea: Albert flunked out of high school! “The awe and wonder of God! If you give God what you have and you get out of the way and you might see God’s awe and wonder!”
  • 2 fish and 5 loaves might be sitting right in the room. But you’re too busy in your spreadsheets. If you can’t spread out on the floor with your God you’ve missed the best part of being part of the body of Christ. They ate until they were full, and then they had leftovers, twelve baskets leftover. It’s the picture of the abundance of God.
  • What would it mean if at the end of the you would have something left for your spouse, your children, your community, your church? What would it mean not to leave it all on the field.
  • Being on empty is not a sign of a good work ethic, it’s a sign of a missed opportunity to see God’s awe and wonder and abundance in your life, the beauty of submitting it all to Jesus.
  • Leading with something left is a picture of the gospel.
  • We are not limited to the power and influence of our name but the power and the influence of the name of Jesus Christ. His name gives full access to the kingdom of God.
  • You don’t have to go home empty, leave it all out on the field. It is finished. Jesus left it all on the cross for you. Bring what you have, dumb ideas and all, and give it back to God and get out of the way and trust Him so that you can see the awe and wonder of God.

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