Easter Saturday and Rich Mullins

Easter Saturday is one of my favorite days of Easter week because I think it is the one day we spend most of our lifetime living. It is the day of “not sure.” The day between despair and great joy – where we spend so much of our lives.

So on Easter Saturday I turn to familiar voices that provoke me to build a hunger in my soul and a fire in my belly. I want to wake up on Resurrection Sunday with my heart wide open with expectation and hope, which is to say that my heart is also wide open to great let down. I wish to peak inside the tomb, or better yet to boldly walk in and see that he is not there as I supposed, but he is risen. And to let that resurrection resound deep into my corpuscles and to those around me. I want to be astonished and worship.

Rich Mullins is one of the voices I turn to. I listen to his music, but once in a while, I listen to him speak as well. I come away from an encounter with Rich with a hunger for God’s presence. Maybe because he is experiencing now what I so long to experience here on Easter Saturday.

You may watch this clip and wonder how I ever connected his testy answers to journalist questions to resurrection Sunday, but somehow for me it fits. He was contextualizing his answers to a multi million dollar Christian industry, peeling back layers of the crazy talk we use to describe a relationship with God, pointing to something so much grander than our attempts to capture it. It gives me courage to glance into the tomb and stare in wonder.

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