Sean Palmer on Truth and Humility

I have really appreciated Sean Palmer’s writing lately. Below is an excerpt from an outstanding blog article about the nature of online interactions, truth, manipulation and enemy language.

“Some of us use the truth to camouflage the fact that we’re mean and malicious people.

Others of us, see only the truths that we want to be true.

We then have to figure out a way to dismiss or diminish the evidence that doesn’t support our truth. The people on the other side are liars or ill-educated or stupid. The other side’s evidence is tainted somehow. Or we just keep asking for more proof. If our opponents offer 6 examples, we’ll ask for 7. They come up with 7, then we need 8. We figure out ways to keep upping the ante so we can keep saying we have “the truth.”

But to love God, we cannot be this carefree about “the truth.”

Full article is here.

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