Trump’s comments weren’t “locker room talk” and they weren’t simply “lewd.” Trump went way beyond lewd – he openly bragged about sexually assaulting women in front of several people.
I know many, many good men. None of them would talk anything near that way in a locker room or any room, None of them would privately think it. The reason is simple enough: they are decent people who believe in basic human dignity for all. Also they have wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and women friends. I am incredibly privileged to know Lisa, Kaylee, Toni, Gill and many women friends. Their impact is immeasurable. 
This isn’t about policy and party issues. I understand that both sides have compelling arguments: life, Supreme Court, poverty, care for the least, foreign policy, health, the economy, the massive unwieldy political system we all feel trapped in. And more personally, overt vs covert sins, cover ups, betrayals, political bullying and outlandish racist statements. I also understand that “sides” is part of the problem. No one side and no independent fully addresses all that is needed in this country, so people are left choosing which issues are most important. Both sides build an argument against, rather than a coalition toward. 
My hope is in a good, good Father who made women in his image, a reflection of the Imago Dei. Immeasurably valuable, 100% dignified.  
I’m especially grateful that God put in place this experiment called ‘church’ to show the love of God to all: love of neighbor, love of enemy, love of the unnoticed. The church is to offer particular welcome to those who society sends to the margins. In the earliest days of the church, that included women. In the Roman Empire where women were mostly property or worse, this was truly revolutionary. 
In these more recent of days, we apparently need this reminder more than ever. The gospel of Jesus offers a revolution for any who wish to live different. Someone is going to be president of this country and no matter who that is, the church can still be the church, speaking up, loving neighbor, loving (political) enemy and most radically, inviting in.  


2 Replies to “Trump.”

  1. Steve, appreciate your Christian perspectives and discerning words. I also am thankful for you speaking out and taking a position that separates you from many others in full time ministry. Hope you and Lisa and family are well.

    God bless,
    Keith Bennett


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