Advent: And They Laid Him In a Dog Dish


Thanks to John Greco for this wonderful thought:

“A manger is a feeding trough for farm animals — out of place in a nursery, even among the poor in the first century. It would be like visiting friends in the hospital after the birth of a new baby, only to find the infant curled up in their dog’s food dish.

What’s placed inside a manger becomes food for sheep. Jesus napping there during His first few hours of postnatal life was a prophetic act pointing to the manner in which He would become our Savior. Years later, on the night He was betrayed into the hands of Jewish and Roman authorities, Jesus took bread, broke it, and told His closest friends, “This is my body given for you” (Luke 22:19). Through His death on the cross, His body was broken to become life-giving spiritual food for sheep.

In Bethlehem — a city whose name means “house of bread” in Hebrew — some 33 years prior, the manger and its occupant are foreshadowing the cross. Christmas without Easter is not good news. There can be no true joy at the birth of Jesus without the death of Jesus. If there had been no Calvary, the advent of Jesus would have been nothing more than a nice visit; it took Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to forever undo the curse of sin.”

Whole article is here.

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