“Someone passionately interested in the cause of the leper very carefully avoids speaking to the leper in his path in order to get on with the cause.  And it occurs to me that Jesus couldn’t have cared less about the cause or rights of the leper.  Jesus stopped.  And healed.  And loved.  Not causes, but people…”  Madelene L’Engle

Many of the people hearing a sermon are in active violation or have been in violation of the teachings of Scripture.  So is the preacher and so has she or he been.  An effective preacher understands that the gospel is about people experiencing forgiveness, healing, freedom etc in the grace of God and will also err on the side of inviting the violator into the Kingdom over trumpeting a cultural cause.

If you love a conviction MORE than the people who are breaking your conviction, you are missing the heart of God.  

If you are living a lifestyle that Christians don’t approve of, the gates of the Kingdom of God are wide open to you, radically open to you, graciously open to you.  And I know they are open to you because they are open to me and if I’m invited, you are too.  After all, I am in the rare category of people who Jesus got really angry at: I’m a religious leader.

In today’s society, there are scores of Christians who have absolutely missed this.  They have constructed boundaries and walls and then taken shelter in the shadow of that wall.  God is busting through those walls and Lord have mercy on anyone who puts an unneccessary wall up to those who need God’s salvation and forgiveness.