This past Thursday and Sunday, Discovery held a commissioning service and many of our folks stood to commit to carrying the grace and mercy of God to others.

For those who stood, here are some next steps that might help you:

Pray. God is already at work, we simply join God where God already is. This posture begins with a simple daily prayer, ‘Lord, show me where you are at work and help me join you in it.’ You might also pray for some specific people, that you might be a conduit of love and grace to those people. For those nervous about sharing the grace and mercy of God, you can begin with this simple guideline: if you are uneasy about talking to your friend about God, then talk to God about your friend.

Calendar. Rabbi Bruce Lustig says, “You can pretend to care but you can’t pretend to show up.” In today’s time starved economy, love and care are shown with time. Who can you pour into, ask about their life, their concerns? For those discerning a call into unknown territory, you will need time and intentionality to move from “I have a passion to make a difference” to “I know my calling and path.” You can block out time to pursue people and places that can help you discern your calling and focus.

Grace. What does grace mean to you? How would you describe what it is to someone else? What impact on your life has grace had? You can simply take a couple of hours and clarify grace. Grace is the most compelling evidence for the love of God that I know and we live in a grace starved world. For all of us wanting to carry the love of God, we can get more familiar with grace, what it is, what is does in our life, how to access it.

Breakfast. A group of business people have expressed interest to continue conversation around faith in the marketplace. They’ll be hosting a breakfast November 29, 7am at Mimis at the Orchard. The room size is limited to 25 people. You will meet others in business and be part of a facilitated conversation around faith and workplace. If you would like to join, email

Unchartered Territory. Finally, some among us are called to move into new places and serve beyond our current environment. This is one of many reasons why Discovery actively partners locally and globally. If you want to know more about how you can move into a new environment with the grace and mercy of God, you can email