Glenn Packiam is a fascinating person. He began his public ministry as leader of Desperation band at New Life Church and helped form and lead New Life’s School of Worship. After a couple of tragic, public, acute challenges at New Life, Glenn explored the ancient side of his faith and came out of that exploration with both a doctorate in theology and ministry and also as a priest in the Anglican Church. So Glenn serves as a pastor and Anglican priest at New Life, a charismatic church. How fantastic is that?

Glenn brings a thoughtfulness and depth to every conversation, which is why I was excited to sit down with him and discuss genograms, acute crisis and how it affects leadership and of course, my gauntlet of questions about his own anxiety.

For more on genograms, you can begin with this wonderful video. We will be podcasting and writing more about genograms in the coming months and I gave an entire chapter of my book to what a genogram is and how to prepare one.