One chronic source of anxiety for a leader is doubt: doubt in yourself or doubt in God. Who is to say which is the worse form? My vote goes to doubt in God.

When a leader has to lead a community of faith while her or his own faith is either shifting or crumbling away, it can add significant anxiety to an already pressured role.

Luke Norsworthy writes poignantly about his own doubt in God Over Good and what makes his treatment of doubt so powerful, aside from his poignant moments and often quirky humor, is that he chronicles his journey of doubt while preaching and leading a church. I recommend his book to any church leader whose faith has shifted or especially if you find yourself in the midst of a faith transition. Speaking from experience, it can be pretty terrifying.

Luke joined me on this episode to discuss doubt. He has his own very well established podcast which you can subscribe to here. I was grateful for an enriching conversation with Luke.