Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs

Leadership anxiety has more to do with emotional subtext than workload. When ‘try harder’ and ‘more of the same’ doesn’t work, you can access a whole other gear by looking under the surface.

  • Name and move through triggers and sources of anxiety bubbling underneath.
  • Learn how to reduce your reactivity.
  • Become a non-anxious presence and notice when anxiety is becoming contagious in a group.
  • Notice recurring patterns in relationships that keep them stuck or make them worse.
  • Discover what you are holding and what is holding you.
  • Pay attention to the way people relate as much as what they say. 

Whether you lead a team, a staff, a family or an organization, or if you find yourself in recurring habits and patterns, you can use the material on this site to access tools that help.

The Book: Available April 9 2019


1. The Anxiety Gap

2. Anxiety, Freedom, and How the Gospel Works

3. Sources of Internal Anxiety

4. Idols, Vows, and the Story We Tell Ourselves

5. Sources of Relational Anxiety

6. Applying Family Systems to Leadership

7. Tools That Diffuse Anxiety

8. Genograms: What Has Been Handed Down

9. Verbatims: Knowing How You Show Up

10. A Wider Scope and a Deeper Capacity

The Podcast

Listen as guests discuss their own leadership challenges, what makes them anxious, what they do when they are stuck. Some of our guests offer specific tools to help you deal with internal and relational anxiety.

Upcoming guests include: Kay Warren, Ron Edmondson, Glenn Packiam, Sherry Surratt, Marshall Shelley, Geoff Surratt, Makoto Fujimara, Nancy Ortberg, Jay Pathak.

Upcoming tools Include: Genograms, Internal Family Systems, Differentiation.

Show Notes: Luke Norsworthy

One chronic source of anxiety for a leader is doubt: doubt in yourself or doubt in God. Who is to say which is the worse form? My vote goes to doubt in God.

When a leader has to lead a community of faith while her or his own faith is either shifting or crumbling away, it can add significant anxiety to an already pressured role.

Show Notes: Nancy Ortberg

Nancy Ortberg is such a wonderful thinker and leader. She brings a forged wisdom to her leadership and a no nonsense approach. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with her. Nancy's leadership book is here. (note, a small amount of each purchase goes toward...

Phantom Strikes

One source of leadership anxiety is a phantom strike. This is anytime one person takes a shot at you, but they are carrying a secret hidden army with them. It is any variation of “me and a bunch of people who aren’t here and who I won’t name all think there is something wrong with you.”