The Book: The Language and the Tools

The Book: The Language and the Tools

  • Leaders, parents and teams have experienced transformation and relief using the tools in this book.
  • Name and move through internal and relational sources of anxiety.
  • Become a non-anxious presence and notice when anxiety is becoming contagious in a group.
  • Identify and overcome triggers that bubble underneath.
  • Notice recurring patterns in relationships that keep them stuck or make them worse.
  • Learn how systems theory can build healthy culture.
  • Pay attention to the way people relate as much as what they say. 

Videos & Resources: The Path To Transformation

  • You will get further, faster if you discuss the tools in the book rather than just reading alone.
  • The book is the language and the tools, the videos and templates provide the path.
  • 10 quick videos that pick up where each chapter leaves off to help you discuss.
  • 3 Videos plus PDF guide for a facilitator to lead a group through. 
  • Instructions on how to construct a genogram, how to write a verbatim
  • Downloadable PDFs and Templates for everyone.
  • Everything a group needs to engage together.
Caleb KaltenbachCaleb KaltenbachMessy Grace
Steve Cuss has chosen a difficult but noble role—to be a pastor for leaders. As you read Managing Leadership Anxiety, you’ll find that his authenticity, empathy, and convictions qualify him to be not only a pastor for leaders, but a leader of leaders.
Gene AppelGene AppelEastside Christian Church
I had the privilege to serve with Steve Cuss when he was a young emerging church leader. He was bright, thoughtful, reflective and insightful then. And the years and experience since have only multiplied his wisdom. In Managing Leadership Anxiety Steve helps us look under the hood and not only trouble shoot, but repair the often overlooked sources anxiety in us as leaders, the teams we lead, and the organizations we serve.
Luke NorsworthyLuke NorsworthyAuthor, Pastor, Podcaster
If you want to lead with grace, you must look with humility into your own heart, because the anxiety within us affects those around us unless we learn to deal with it. If you have been entrusted with the responsibility of leading any group of people, you owe it to yourself and to them to read this insightful book
Jim HerringtonJim HerringtonThe Leader's Journey
Steve Cuss is a very engaging story teller who combines a clear grasp of system theory that he integrates effectively with his faith. His experience as chaplain and pastor provide a rich context for helping translate the power of system thinking into practical tools for Christian living. Every Christian will benefit from reading this book. Pastors, seminarians, and congregational leaders will find this an especially helpful resource.
Dave DummittDave Dummitt242 Church
This book helps better gauge the temperature of the anxious undercurrents that exist in ourselves and our organizations, and then proactively move towards diffusing that anxiety to create emotionally healthy cultures that don't retreat when faced with uncertainty or vulnerability, but instead lean in to ask questions and strengthen teams and processes. Steve is a needed voice among leaders today.
Dave RunyonDave RunyonArt of Neighboring
If want to grow as a leader, then Managing Leadership Anxiety is a must read. The principles laid out in this book are responsible for the transformation of many of the leaders in my own community. Steve is the real deal as he is a practitioner as well as a thought leader.
Laura TurnerLaura TurnerJournalist
I have struggled with anxiety all my life, and the only way I have learned to live with it is not to fight it away, but to invite God to be with me in it. That is exactly what Steve Cuss helps you to do in this book. His words about inviting God into our anxiety resonate when they're applied to leading a team, a family, and ourself--often the most challenging person of all to lead. This book will be a great guide as you walk into deeper and deeper freedom
Jay PathakJay PathakMile High Vineyard Church
I have seen the power of genograms and differentiation in my own life. Steve takes these and many other tools to help us enter the world of noticing and moving through internal anxiety and group dynamics.
Conrad GempfConrad GempfLondon School of Theology
Steve compares anxiety with tangled fishing line, an impossible mess. It’s impossible until you learn a few basic techniques to unpick things, one little bit at a time. This is a book that is the equivalent of the expert untangler or the bomb-defusing expert speaking softly and confidently in your ear, “not that one; this one.”
Don WilsonDon WilsonThe Accelerate Group
Steve has brought to the surface things that I have never read in any other leadership books
Jud and Lori WilhiteJud and Lori WilhiteCentral Christian Church & Leading and Loving It
Steve Cuss prepares us to unlock our leadership potential in profound ways in this book. He diagnoses huge pitfalls and challenges and shows us how to lead well in the face of unknowns. This is a brilliant book. One to slowly digest and share with your team
Glenn PackiamGlenn PackiamNewLife Church
Every leader faces a unique kind of anxiety that comes from knowing that we are not quite what we need to be. With disarming vulnerability and keen new insight, Steve Cuss invites us to look more deeply at the way we lead and the way our teams function. Through guided personal reflection and system analysis, Steve imparts wisdom that will help leaders last and churches thrive. This will be a book our team works through!
Mandy SmithMandy SmithThe Vulnerable Pastor
Anxiety draws us into a downward spiral. We need outside help to break in and redirect our vision. Steve Cuss offers us that kind of fresh, honest voice to snap us out of the downward spiral. With pastoral care he gives grace for the failures and anxieties we all face and at the same time helps us see ourselves and one another with new eyes. Not only will we become less anxious, we’ll become more whole, hopeful and fruitful. A much-needed resource for the church in these anxious times.
Chuck DegroatChuck DegroatWestern Seminary
Steve recognizes what often remains invisible yet powerful within any organization - the perpetual buzz of anxiety. How we manage anxiety matters, and Steve provides wisdom for every one of us navigating the invisible forces at work impacting our work and our health
Marshall ShelleyMarshall ShelleyDenver Seminary
Leadership isn't just what you do; it's who you are. Steve Cuss helps us develop that part of who we are that handles (or mishandles) anxiety. This book equips you for those moments when you realize things are beyond your direct control
Sherry SurrattSherry SurrattMinistry Together
Within the pages of  this book you’ll find a roadmap to solutions that aren’t bandaids. Steve Cuss leads you on a journey of discovery and practical approach that will literally change your relationship with worry and anxiety. Every parent and leader needs this book.
Ron EdmondsonRon EdmondsonLeadership Network
Anxiety may be one of the main reasons many pastors leave the ministry. They never learned how to cope with the enormous stress of shepherding the church. And, that stress is increasing every year. Steve offers a helpful, Gospel approach to “managing leadership anxiety”. This is a book we all need to read.

The Podcast: Guests Talk Pressure and Tools

Listen as guests discuss their own leadership challenges, what makes them anxious, what they do when they are stuck. Some of our guests offer specific tools to help you deal with internal and relational anxiety. Some episodes feature guests, some offer tools from the book. New episodes each Monday.