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Maybe you’ve been to a seminar, read my book, or listened to some podcast episodes, but you want to experience deeper change. 

We cannot think our way to change, we have to embody some tools and bravely practice. 

CAPable Life: Helping you function as a calm, aware, present, able human in the workplace and homeplace. 

An online experience helping you go from being spun up and pressured to calm, aware, present in the workplace and homeplace. 

Using the MLA tools, CapableLife offers a series of brief videos, confidential online community, monthly zooms and more. 

Currently accepting interest in the Beta group with limited beta pricing. Click below to get on the interest list. 

 The Book: The Language and the Tools

  • Learn the universal sources of anxiety for everyone and the unique sources for you. 
  • Use systems theory tools to build health in yourself and your culture.
  • Leaders, parents and teams have experienced transformation and relief from life long struggles using the tools in this book. 

 What The Kids Are Saying

Every leader faces a unique kind of anxiety that comes from knowing that we are not quite what we need to be. With disarming vulnerability and keen new insight, Steve Cuss invites us to look more deeply at the way we lead and the way our teams function. Through guided personal reflection and system analysis, Steve imparts wisdom that will help leaders last and churches thrive.

Glenn Packiam

Steve recognizes what often remains invisible yet powerful within any organization – the perpetual buzz of anxiety. How we manage anxiety matters, and Steve provides wisdom for every one of us navigating the invisible forces at work impacting our work and our health.

Rev. Chuck Degroat, PhD

Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality , Western Theological Seminary

Starting with words that resonate with your soul, Steve Cuss leads you on a journey of discovery and practical approach that will literally change your relationship with worry and anxiety. Every parent and leader needs this book.

Sherry Surratt

Executive Director of Parent Strategies, Orange

Steve Cuss helps leaders apply living systems thinking to the Christian life and Christian leadership. He is a very engaging story teller who combines a clear grasp of system theory that he integrates effectively with his faith. His experience as chaplain and pastor provide a rich context for helping translate the power of system thinking into practical tools for Christian living. Every Christian will benefit from reading this book. Pastors, seminarians, and congregational leaders will find this an especially helpful resource.

Jim Herrington

The Leader's Journey

The Videos & Templates: The Path To Transformation

  • 10 videos plus downloadable templates to help you engage deeper.
  • 3 Videos plus PDF guide for a facilitator to lead a group through 12 sessions.

  • Specific guides on genograms and verbatims available a la carte for professionals.

The Podcast: Guests Talk Pressure and Tools

Listen as guests discuss their own leadership challenges, what makes them anxious, what they do when they are stuck. Some of our guests offer specific tools to help you deal with internal and relational anxiety. Some episodes feature guests, some offer tools from the book. New episodes each Monday.