I’ve been a follower of Jesus since the mid 1980s and a full-time pastor since the mid 1990s. I write about leadership and the intersection of theology and life and occasionally anything whimsical. I primarily write for faith leaders and followers of Jesus.

My topics for leaders focus on learning to “think about the way you think” and getting from stuck to unstuck as well as some of the more classic church leadership topics such a preaching, change management and soul care. For the wider Christian audience, I write theologically informed reflections.

Before joining Discovery Christian Church (www.dc2.me) in 2005, I served as a hospital chaplain, a counselor to at risk teens, a crisis interventionist and an associate pastor.

I love to hear from readers and do my best to scratch where we’re itching.

7 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi, This is Joan. “Ran into” Steve in front of drycleaning near Broomfield year or so ago. Formerly at Central Christian, Las Vegas. Now driving big rig with husband. Is everyone ok? Steve, Lisa, kids? We’re reading and hearing about massive flooding. God bless, protect, and keep you safe in His ever-loving arms.


  2. Hi Joan,

    we’re fine, thanks for checking. Been a crazy few days with a lot of road damage and several people displaced, but it looks like the worst it behind us. Stay careful out there.


  3. Hi Steve,

    My brother, Leighton Crabb is visiting me for a month in December. I’m Sharyn Logan and live in Littleton and have been in the states for over 20yrs. Leighton was hoping to catch up with you so I am sure he will be in touch.



  4. Today was my family’s 2nd visit to Discovery Church, an I left this morning 12/4 with so much more information all very hilarious and useful

    Thank you so much!


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